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Tips on how to improve the appearance of stretch marks

Whether we like it or not, stretch marks are a common occurrence. NHS estimates suggest that 70 per cent of females and 40 per cent of males develop stretch marks during their teenage years, and as many as 90 per cent of pregnant women are affected by them 1.

The most common causes of stretch marks include:

Preventing the appearance of stretch marks

Since stretch marks appear due to a lack of elasticity of the skin, it is important to supplement your diet with vitamins E and C, and with zinc. It is also important to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, in order to keep the skin fully hydrated. These measures apply particularly to pregnant women.

Unfortunately, and despite following the advice mentioned above, some women are discouraged to find out that stretch marks make an appearance after all and for no apparent reason. The truth is that some women have a genetic predisposition to suffer from stretch marks3.

Dermatologists believe that some women inherit defective connective tissue from their mothers, which increase the chances of developing stretch marks as they grow up.

Beauty products that help reduce stretch marks

The first thing when women are affected by stretch marks need to remember is that they can be treated, and that they will fade over time. However, the fact that there is a treatment available does not mean that stretch marks will simply disappear. Now there are beauty products that help reduce stretch marks available so you can take active steps.

Johnson's new skin perfecting oil has been specifically formulated to help your skin recover elasticity and suppleness. This product was tested in 2006 by 19 women who applied the oil twice a day over four weeks. Once the clinical study was over, they affirmed that Johnson's new skin perfecting oil helped them significantly reduce the appearance of their stretch marks. After eight weeks of regular use, women who took part in these trials saw how the colour of their stretch marks appeared more subdued, their stretch marks appeared reduced in size and shape, and their skin recovered much of its natural elasticity.

Another appealing feature of this product is that it uses natural ingredients that have been proven to contribute to an overall better skin appearance. The new Johnson's skin perfecting oil contains ingredients like almond oil (which is rich in vitamins D and E), rose hip oil (known for its anti-aging properties), soy bean oil (a great natural moisturiser), blackcurrant seed oil (which naturally nourishes the skin), and bisabolol (extracted from chamomile, which helps soothe the skin and reduce lines and wrinkles).

If you are worried about your stretch marks, remember that it is important to be persistent in your beauty care routine, as well as to keep your skin supple through good dietary habits. Complement that with a specifically designed product like Johnson's skin perfecting oil and you will soon see an improvement.

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