Peter Hook slams New Order before Coventry Kasbah gig

By Matthew Bates Wednesday 07 November 2012 Updated: 07/11 19:16

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Peter Hook hit out at ex-band mate Bernard Sumner before next week’s Coventry gig. (s)

PETER HOOK has used the build-up to a Coventry gig to admit his squabble with ex-band mate and childhood friend Bernard Sumner is more suited to the playground than the press.

But that did not stop the legendary bassist from hitting out at the New Order front man, labelling him a 'spoilt and selfish fool'.

The two are embroiled in a legal battle and a war of words over the reunion of New Order without Hook's involvement.

And speaking to the Observer ahead of his Kasbah gig next week with The Light, Hook blasted Sumner for comments made about his band's plan to play the iconic record Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division - Hook and Sumner's first band - in full.

It follows Sumner recently accusing Hook of 'opening the gates of hell' and only performing for cash.

"I'm surprised Bernard feels the need to speak publicly about it, and to say I'm only doing it for the money is very odd," Hook told us.

"He's just done a new tour and earned himself a load of money.

"I haven't seen any articles about him giving the money to charity and that's what I hate about Bernard - the contradictions.

"It's do as I say, not do as I do. It's despicable and a ridiculous thing to say.

"This is an awful position for me to be in. At our age to be having a playground squabble - 'he did it first' - get a life.

"In my opinion he is a spoilt, selfish fool."

The row between the two comes as both the Brit music heroes focus on separate projects to relive former glories.

While Sumner has reunited New Order - something Hook described as a tribute band - the Manc bass man is touring with The Light, playing iconic album Unknown Pleasures in full. The first night of their UK tour sees them at Kasbah.

The record is widely regarded as one of the top ten albums of all time in British music.

Hook described it as 'ballsy rock and roll' and a different style to the band's - and tragic lead singer Ian Curtis' - later music.

The Light is a family affair, with son Jack on bass, but where does the motivation come from to keep going at the age of 54?

"I've got legal bills to pay!" he joked. "But I love my job - I still enjoy it.

"My son Jack is the nearest thing to me in the world and it makes it all worthwhile.

"It's a great compliment to see young people at the gigs as well. It's very humbling.

"They come over and said 'my dad played your stuff' - even when I'm DJing I'll have 18 and 19-year-olds come over and say hello.

"I've not had too many bottles over the head, put it that way!"

Peter Hook and The Light perform Unknown Pleasures on Friday, November 16.

Tickets are priced at £20 and can be bought from

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