Farmer furious after huge crop circle ruins land

By Matthew Bates 22/08 Updated: 22/08 10:24

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The Wappenbury crop circle - first spotted last Wednesday (August 15) - was cut by farmer Bob Wright on Sunday. Photo courtesy of Steve Alexander at

A FARMER claims his business has taken a hit after a giant crop circle appeared on his land.

Bob Wright has spoken of his anger after hoards of people visited the farm in Wappenbury, near Princethorpe.

The 150 x 150 yard pattern, which featured over 80 circles, has now been combine harvested in a bid to halt any more visits on to the crops.

Camera crews from as far as Mexico and Canada had come to film the crop circle, which was reported on specialist websites last week. Experts likened the pattern to a six-week lunar calendar starting from August 10.

Mr Wright told the Observer he believed it had been created overnight by around 100 people using GPS equipment.

He said he was counting the cost of their actions after the large area was left trampled down and ruined.

"Somebody came on Friday which was the first I had heard because you can only really see it in a helicopter.

"My first reaction was feeling sorry over the damage and problems it had caused.

"Only two people actually asked me if they could see it. The other 50 went and ploughed straight through.

"I tried to get them off but its an impossible job because there's a footpath within 50 yards of it and they just don't care.

"And some crackpots believe it's little green men who did it. What a nonsense.

"The idea was raised of leaving an honesty box out with people paying £2 but the last few would just take the box. I'm disillusioned with people nowadays."

Mr Wright added the damage to the crops had hit what was already a tough year for farmers around the country.

"It's caused huge damage to the wheat crops.

"It's been a very ordinary harvest because of the weather and I think bread is going to double in price because of that."

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The pattern is thought to represent a six-week lunar calendar and featured over 80 circles. Photo courtesy of Steve Alexander at (s)

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