CBeebies Live - a who's who of children's TV royalty

20/04 Updated: 15/06 11:32

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Justin Fletcher headed the cast of CBeebies Live Reach To The Stars. Picture by Adam Chapman.

CBeebies Live! Reach To The Stars

LG Arena Birmingham

KEEPING the kids quiet and content for two hours is, as most parents would agree, a near impossible job. Well, in CBeebies we may have found the answer!

The line up for the latest live show - my three-year-old daughter's first - read like a who's who of children's TV royalty.

And to see not one, not two but pretty much all of her small screen favourites on one stage was enough to keep her eyes fixated, mouth wide open, and in silence for that golden two hours.

But it wasn't just the kids, who made up a large proportion of the audience, who had great afternoon. Parents, including myself, seemed happy not to hide the fact they too were as star-struck seeing the likes of Mr Tumble, Postman Pat, Mister Maker and the new boy Mike the Knight, and as vocal upon the requirement of booing, cheering and singing, as their beloved offspring.

There was a storyline to follow through the madness and mayhem, and a dark one at that, with Robbie Rotten from Lazy Town taking the characters captive, one by one, in his quest to be the only one left - making him the most popular by default.

But my daughter for one was too in awe of just seeing in the flesh the live characters she has come to know as friends throughout her short life to even realise its darkness.

They were, I'm glad to report, released by Robbie for one last big number at the end of the show.

Cue the flow of tears from my daughter; not out of sadness but the outpouring of sheer joy and exuberance of being in such stellar company. Will we be back next year? You bet we will.

Full details of other upcoming live shows are online at

Chris Smith

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Mr Tumble was one of the stars of the show. Picture by Adam Chapman

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