Warwick proves a tough nut for Craic for Dara O'Briain

By Kevin Unitt 01/05 Updated: 11/05 12:03

Dara O'Briain – Craic Dealer

Warwick Arts Centre

SOME NIGHTS a comedian will, no matter how talented, come up against an audience he struggles to comprehend.

His first of three shows this week at Warwick Arts Centre was a case in point.

Had they been rapturously enamoured, or outwardly hostile, the friendly Irishman would surely have savoured either scenario. As it was a worryingly large section of the audience remained frustratingly indifferent throughout, oddly unengaged despite nothing being fundamentally wrong with the show or its content.

Once the valuable resource of asking audience members their professions had been tapped for comic purposes, and the swearing had been increased for several easy laughs –presumably in an attempt just to get people up for it – there was little place left for the comedian to go.

The actual material was good in places, warm and engaging and humorous without ever blowing you away. But sometimes, when a particularly good joke was unleashed, it wasn't followed up on with more of the same.

Dara, in his whimsical way, is one to ramble off on tangents, almost too quick for his own brain at times, hence the words coming out not fully formed, his audience confused as to the exact nature of what has just been said.

On a night other than a Tuesday, with a different audience, perhaps it would all have been different.

But when a treasured comic such as O'Briain, whose star is truly on the rise, has to implore his audience to liven up on several occasions, including near the very end, you know a somewhat unsatisfactory night has been by both him and them.

The Arts Centre's comedy season continues. For upcoming shows and ticket details log onto

Kevin Unitt

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