Adele launches UK tour on song

By Steve Carpenter 14/09 Updated: 26/09 22:15

SINGING sensation Adele returned to the stage after a case of Bronchitis to open her UK tour in style at Leicester's De Montford Hall.

The 23-year-old more than made up for having to cancel six previous shows in Wolverhampton, Plymouth and Bournemouth by producing an unforgettable performance to a 3,000 sell-out crowd on Tuesday evening.

Likeable, humerus and with bags of talent, what's not to like about this larger than life character whose feet remain firmly rooted to the ground despite selling over 10 million albums this year.

Opening up with the always popular Hometown, the audience are immediately gripped and you can't help but fall into a trance when her vocals bounce around the small, intimate venue.

Her ability to explain the most saddening story then sing about it with such passion whilst keeping control of her on-stage emotion is a joy to watch.

Many fans would send a comforting wave towards the star which was always acknowledged returned mid-song as if to say “I'm hanging in there, I'm Okay.”

Throughout the evening she gave the audience an insight into her life, sharing stories and filling them in on various topics, from how she fell out with her best friend to why she can't go and play pool with her ex.

"If I had it my way I would have performed in my leggings," she joked. But as we all know that's exactly what would have happened even though she did admit she was starting to mature.

You can't help but laugh at her antics before and after tracks, but in the middle, that's where the magic happens.

I was expecting Someone Like You to be a slight anti-climax going on her exceptional performance at the Brit Awards earlier in the year, but somehow she managed produce the goods once again which justified the standing ovation at the of the song.

The Tottenham born star loves performing in venues like this, but she did hint that she could be tempted to play at a couple of bigger venues next year, which will no doubt please those fans who failed to get a ticket this time around.

On the day before what would have been her 28th birthday, Adele dedicated her performance to the late Amy Winehouse to demonstrate her class.

The difference between the two hugely talented artists is that Winehouse seemingly couldn't handle the fame, whereas Adele simply chooses to ignore it and do it pretty much her own way.

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